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@lrhodes Sorry, this got lost in my mail spam, I guess. There are complex social/political structures in the world, more than just in America. I'm fascinated by the entire idea of social interactions and social constructs, and how we seem to think they are real and trustworthy when making decisions. It's very hard to see one's own world, and hard to break through structures that don't work but that are familiar.

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"This is 'Keys'. She keeps putting her paws in the air and nobody knows why." - imgur.com/gallery/1OVsa

Verso offering free e-books on the socio-economic history of Athenian democracy is not helping my break from research: versobooks.com/blogs/4006-flas

Risotto is a very satisfying thing to make.

I had a long and involved dream last night, and at the end of it, my dreammom wanted to take a picture, but she had the newest model of phone, and couldn't get it to take the picture, so she handed to me, and it was awful, just gratingly designed, a real abomination of the phone, so that's my prediction for what's next.

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Gregor Samsa woke and got his cockroach ass out of bed

"I’d seen enough. This level of biographical data is alarming enough when collected and used by a company I trust, at least in practice; moved just slightly out of context, it becomes an open-ended accumulation of exposures in a world where assurances of data privacy are being made more frequently and insistently — and to users’ ears, less credibly — by the day." nytimes.com/2018/09/12/magazin

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if you're having trouble visualizing the recursive centaur i've made this helpful reference

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W.E.B DuBois’s essay/fiction collection Darkwater is available as a free e-book at Verso until tomorrow night: versobooks.com/blogs/4006-flas

This social media platform sure is social.

Suspending my research for a while so that I can get some things written. I know myself well enough to know that I’m weak against the temptation to just keep reading rather than actually commit words to paper.

Staring blankly at my computer because I typed the first letter of my password wrong and can't figure out what comes next.

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"It's pawpaw season! Though North America's largest native fruit has fallen into obscurity, it was well known amongst native peoples. This month was known in Shawnee as Asiminikisathwa - the pawpaw moon." - @memexikon

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Did you know that communitywiki.org/trunk exists?

It's a new project where you can find people in the Fediverse and follow them by topic.

Also, you can request to be included. It's a really cool idea.

If you are new to Mastodon or you are looking for more interesting people to follow, you should check it out.

I’m getting about equal amounts “wtf is a sparkle scholar” and “hell yeah this scholar ✨ sPaRkLeS✨“ in my mentions this morning.

Mastodon factions:

• genderpunk lefties
• botsmiths
• digital anarchists
• hardwerewolves
• solargoths
• cryptocryptids
• sparkle scholars

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