Most of the solarpunks I see on Mastodon seem more like solargoths, tbh.

I like the connotations of “solargoth” better, anyway. The anthropocene calls for a bit of pessimism, mourning and romanticism.


Mastodon factions:

• genderpunk lefties
• botsmiths
• digital anarchists
• hardwerewolves
• solargoths
• cryptocryptids
• sparkle scholars

I’m getting about equal amounts “wtf is a sparkle scholar” and “hell yeah this scholar ✨ sPaRkLeS✨“ in my mentions this morning.

@surlybobbys Scholars, but they’re also really into sparkly stuff?

@lrhodes def would probably leave my followers to define my faction. I emotionally relate to half of these

@lrhodes i've never identified with anything more than solargoth

@lrhodes Ok, I did try Google before asking this, what is a solargoth?? I've been going to goth bars & have considered myself goth for over 20 years & I've never heard of them. I feel so old 😯

@lrhodes It's high time the Gay Insurrection takes over mastodon. The skies shall be blackened out by massive dicks.

@lrhodes idk I think the -punk suffix implies activity and fighting against something got to me sortof just suggests sitting around and being depressed but maybe there is a better definition of the word
@lrhodes I like the punk suffix better because to me it suggests activity and fighting against status quo, whereas goth sort of makes me thing of sitting around and being isolated. I don't have a good understanding of goth subculture though so maybe there is something there.

@lrhodes is ‘digital collectivists’ not a category bc its got too much in common with ‘genderpunk lefties’?

I’m on the list for both of those for sure. Not sure if i match the sparkle part of ‘sparkle scholars’ tho

@lrhodes These are soooo goood and now I wanna write those up as playbooks for #PbtA/#DreamAskew-like rpgs.

I feel like I know most of these I want to except botsmiths. Where can I meet some botsmiths?

@djsundog @feonixrift @lrhodes @muffinista

Also did you know @darius speaks Dolphin? My Dolphin is pretty rusty I have a heavy Whale accent

@djsundog @feonixrift @lrhodes @muffinista @darius Hello I'm a botsmith! I am flabbergasted to find myself on this list but here I am

@lrhodes Let's see, what would I be? Hmmm, hardcore genderpunk, digital anarcho-communist, hardwere shapeshifter, cyber-solargoth with an emphasis on punk, sparkle weaponizer, and, oh yeah, genre bender. I think that covers it. Halfway, anyway...

@lrhodes I'm honestly kinda surprised by how accurate this is

@lrhodes I do believe I qualify as "sparkle scholar" (though I'm also a genderpunk lefty)

⬆️ Tag yourself, I'm (genderpunk lefties + digital anarchists) x sparkle scholars. @lrhodes

What about all the amazing artists roaming the fediverse?😜

@CountZero Doh! A crucial oversight. This is not a definitive list.

@lrhodes oh my god, I understand only two words in this post...

@lrhodes ah makes sense, goths are very frugal with the consumption of sunlight

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