Find myself checking in on Mastodon less and less. I keep looking around for more people to follow who talk about interests that intersect with mine, but…

I don’t know. Seems like something about the platform gears it toward the frivolous. It’s very much a social network, whereas what I’m looking for is more like an interest network.


Considering trying out some other ActivityPub platforms. Diaspora*, maybe? Pleroma dovetails with Mastodon so much that I’m not sure there’d be much difference there.

Any thoughts?


While it’s cool that people are using ActivityPub to create alternatives to existing social networking platforms, I’m looking forward to seeing someone use the standard to create a platform that does something relatively novel — some heretofore unexplored mode of interacting and relating.

@lrhodes did you hear about the instance where you can not use the letter E, and the other one where that's the only letter allowed?

eeeeeeeets out there

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