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I'm just gonna put it out there: if you decide to run a federated social media server of any kind, strongly consider keeping it invite only and capping its size from the beginning. If your server has fewer than 100 active people on it and you have some level of trust or shared values, then moderation is a single person task that you as the admin can handle. At least in my experience.

I'm considering writing a "how to run a nice little community in the fediverse" guide with some best practices. admin update Show more

Anyway, I'm going to start posting about current US legislation on a dedicated account. The idea is to give followers the heads up about issues/solutions moving through US Congress so they can contact their elected officials. Follow @contactCongress if you're interested.

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The holy basil green leaf tea is also quite nice, just fyi.

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I must have an impending writing deadline: house is suddenly clean and I've made a coffee table out of cardboard

As part of my steady transformation into an insufferable tea snob, I've bought a green rooibos, and it is delicious.

Been scheming all week to start a new account that posts about legislation moving through Congress, but I think that Daily Dot article may have soured any reception it's likely to get.

Carl Sagan: To bake an apple pie, you must first… CREATE THE WORLD!

me: *bops down to the store, buys a frozen, premade world, comes back and unpauses the video*

Carl Sagan: Step two. Using the world you created, sift one cup of all-purpose flour into a mixing bowl…

Can't remember if it was on Mastodon or that other site, but someone pointed out that all of the game dev and theory books published by Carnegie Mellon's ETC Press are available from their site as free PDFs:

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Wanna have a bit of fun watching people get all confused while revealing society's inherent patriarchal bias?

Refer to your sewing machine as a 'power tool.'

New post on a few of the practical and ethical hitches that arise when the plan is to embrace personal websites as an alternative to social media:

lol at this academic press charging $65 for an ebook edition of a 50 year old book.

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I've decided to let lapse, so I'm moving some of the better pieces over to my personal site, starting with my 2012 series on the (then) new games journalism:

What tool are y'all using to mirror Twitter streams to Mastodon?

I don't intend to promote every post, but just in case anyone who might be interested missed the first one, I've updated my old-school blog with some new links to interesting stuff I saw this week:

I hadn't seen this before, but this may be an even better resource:

It's a set of open source government tracking tools maintained by the Sunlight Foundation,, the NYT and the EFF!

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