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The University of California system is walking away from Elsevier:

The Loon doubts any other consortium in the US has a greater chance of pulling off this level of defiance. She wishes California well.

One aim I had in reading this book was to start building a sense of how modern conservatism had strayed so far into corruption from its ideological roots, but no, most of what's happening now wasn't even implicit in Burke — it was explicit.

In some ways, Burke is a killer argument against Rousseau, in that he inadvertently shows how untenable social contract theory becomes once you start putting it in practical terms.

Bear in mind, Burke's not just saying there should be some third party to judge in legal disputes between people. He's using that as a general principle to argue against democracy, on grounds that it lets people put forward their own interests. They gave up that right, he argues — or, rather, their ancestors have it up on their behalf.

Burke: "One of the first motives to civil society, and which becomes one of its fundamental rules, is *that no man should be judge in his own cause.* By this each person has at once divested himself of the first fundamental right of uncovenanted man, that is, to judge for himself, and to assert his own cause. He abdicated all right to be his own governor. […] That he may obtain justice he gives up his right of determining what it is in the points most essential to him."

This book is wild.

Let me sing you a little song *struns chord* it's called "How Much I Hate the Academic eBook Industry" *detunes guitar* and it goes a little something *cranks chainsaw* like this…

Not gonna lie. The Joy Division reference was the main reason I have that article a shot.

Apparently, a point of dispute in contemporary philosophy is over the question of whether pleasure and pain can be defined in terms of our attitudes to the experiences that produce them. moderation Show more

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@lrhodes it gets worse once one realizes most of those spreadsheets concern advertising sales.

It's a touch demoralizing to think about how much of the Internet, ostensibly one of the technological triumphs of modernity, functions as little more than an interface for manipulating various spreadsheets.

"We know that the British house of commons, without shutting its doors to any merit in any class, is, by the sure operation of adequate causes, filled with every thing illustrious in rank, in descent, in hereditary and in acquired opulence, in cultivated talents, in military, civil, naval, and politic distinction, that the country can afford." Well, that goes without saying.

If anyone would like to follow some of the same journals, I've uploaded them to my site as an opml, which you can import into most RSS readers. h/t to @dgold for the suggestion.

Download it here:

These are specifically feeds for open access articles, so you shouldn't hit any paywalls. And if you have any suggestions for other journals that have an RSS feed for open access articles, do let me know!

Like, dis you know there's an Open Access feed for the Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society AND its Supplementary Edition? This is genuinely exciting.

Just added a ton of journals with Open Access feeds to my RSS reader, so expect me to insufferable for, oh, say, ever.

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The House may VOTE this week on HJ Res 46, which would terminate the national emergency declared by POTUS over security at the Southern border.

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REPORTED out of committee, HR 8, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act, may come before the House for a vote this week. It would close loopholes that allow the purchase of firearms without a background check.

Here's a howler: Inheritance "leaves acquisition free; but it secures what it acquires."

How is a secure possession free to acquire?

I can't help but wonder how much of the modern conservative's mental association of radicalism with Jewish ethnicity can be traced back to the fact that Richard Price preached self-rule in a meeting-house in the Jewish quarter of London, and Burke used Old Jewry as a synecdoche for French-influenced London radicalism.

Started Burke's Reflections on the Revolution in France, often cited as one of the philosophical bases of modern conservatism, and hoo boy, it certainly is A Document.

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