Code of Conduct

Everyone who participates on is expected to observe the following code:

  • Personally abusive behavior will not be tolerated. This includes, but is not limited to, harassment, intimidation, or threats of violence.
  • Behavior that discriminates, or promotes discrimination, against persons on the basis of disability, gender, nationality, race, religion or sexuality is prohibited. While discussion of these topics as the subject of study is encouraged, participants should not use that as license to discriminate or advocate for discrimination against those identities.
  • Personal information is considered private unless voluntarily made public by that person. This applies not only to the egregious category of uninvited disclosures known as "doxing," but to any personal information the person may wish to keep to themselves.
  • Respect other participants option to avoid sensitive images and messages. This may include, but is not necessarily limited to, depictions and/or discussion of injustice, sex, nudity, violence and bodily harm. Mastodon provides two features for making the contents of messages opt-in -- NSFW for images, and CW for text. You're strongly encouraged to use them. (FAQ: CW and Mark As Sensitive)
This code applies to any use of an account hosted on, including public channels, private channels and direct messages. Anyone who violates this code of conduct may be sanctioned or expelled at the administrator's discretion.


If you see any violations of the code, please contact the administrator directly or file a report using the Mastodon reporting system (click the "…" on a post and then use the reporting feature).

Participants asked to cease conduct that violates the code are expected to comply immediately. If the conduct continues, the administrator may take any action they deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion.

The admins reserve the right to exclude people from based on their past behavior, including behavior outside of the public timeline and behavior towards people who do not participate on We will not name harassment victims without their affirmative consent.

Federation policy

At the administrator's discretion, will suspend federation with any instances that specialize in spam, pornography, hate speech, and/or material that is illegal in the US. A number of instances known to do so have been suspended preemptively. (FAQ: Federation)

Generally speaking, it is not policy to suspend federation with instances solely over differing codes of conduct. However, if federation with another instance leads to repeated violations of's code, and the problem cannot be solved by suspending individual users, the admin may suspend or silence the entire instance.

Please contact the admin if you believe another instance should be suspended, or has been suspended unfairly.


Privacy regarding any fact about yourself that you have not voluntarily made public will be assumed as a right on That said, the following facts bear on your right to privacy, and you should consider them carefully in your participation on the platform:

  • is an instance of Mastodon, an open-source micro-blogging suite. The structure of Mastodon is such that data provided to this instance may be accessible to both the host and admin. That includes two categories of data you should be aware of anytime you use Mastodon:
    1. Passwords
    2. Messages, including those sent as private or direct.
  • is hosted by Masto.Host, a service operated by @Hugo Gameiro. Its servers are located in Portugal, and subject to Portuguese law.
  • is administrated by @lrhodes, a citizen of the United States and subject to American law.
  • Due to the federated nature of Mastodon, messages you make available to users of other instances may be viewable to the admins of those instances, as well.
  • Not everyone who participates on will know about, or abide by, this privacy policy.
For these reasons, it's advisable on Mastodon to
  • use a unique password -- i.e. one you haven't used elsewhere; and
  • never post any information, even in ostensibly private messages, that you wouldn't want publicly known.
Except in cases where it's necessary to the administration of the site (e.g. investigating a report of harassment), L. Rhodes will never intentionally view, use or manipulate user data where there is a clear expectation of privacy.

If you have significant doubts about the trustworthiness or reliability of either the host or the admin, you are advised against participating on


Portions of this document were adapted from the Friend.Camp Code of Conduct by Darius Kazemi and are likewise provided under a Creative Commons Zero License, meaning the contents are in the public domain.

Topics for discussion include anthropology, archaeology, the arts, civics, ethnic and gender studies, history, linguistics, literature, philosophy, political science, religion, and so on.

Professionals, academics, students and amateurs welcome.